Reimburse Wing Community Member Merlin

I propose that we reimburse Wing community member Merlin for getting scammed by Open Ocean.

Open Ocean is a third party DEX that was unfortunately linked to from the Wing Finance site without being clearly disclosed as a third party

Here is his the post detailing his matter.

His post is misleading and inaccurate (Open Ocean was build by a third party company, completely unaffilliated to Wing), but his concern is legitimate as I worked with him for weeks trying to get his funds back from Open Ocean to no avail.

I think we should reimburse him from the Wing Community Fund.

Here is the info provided


6638 ONTd

Much less than the value stored on the blockchain but whatever right it’s only $6500 lol

A few upvotes and a confirmation from Merlin that this is what he would like to do and we can put this to on-chain voting.

I would vote yes to this!

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I am unsure why this needs to even go to a vote. I would just like to get the remaining 6638 ONTd from the transaction that took place.

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Thank you Arcon! Your first sentence sums it all up! Some how Wing just does not get that…

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Because funds have to be approved to be unlocked and sent. People would go absolutely hysterical if Wing circumvented this.

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Hope it will be solved without problems.

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I think Merlin’s issue got solved in the meantime?

Open Ocean has return Merlin’s funds, topic closed

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