Repurchase optimization

1.Cancel the current buyback method and replace it with 100% of the income deposited into DAO, and DAO will vote for the buyback (it can guarantee the bottom in the bear market).
2.Reimburse the team to release 5% of Wing each day while 100% of revenue goes to DAO’s vault

  1. You mean incentives will attract more users to vote and will lock more WING tokens, then it is the same as buyback?
  2. Could you tell the details? Where is the 5% of WING from? DAO’s vault is for what?

Let dao manage lending income, Redistribute 5% of your daily release.DAO’s vault - (It allows the holder to vote on its use, Such as repurchase, purchase NFT, Position reward, Liquidity contribution,etc)

The current is voted by DAO. If you’d like to make a change, you need to be more detail. The reserve is not that much so there won’t be any guarantee for the price.