Snapshot Integration for On-Chain Community Voting

Background is a popular on-chain voting platform used for community governance by some major DeFi platforms like Yearn, Yam, Balancer, Sushi, Aave, and Swerve.

Wing.Finance currently uses a native on-chain voting solution Creating a Wing space on Snapshot would allow the community members to easily create and vote on community proposals, such as marketing campaigns, competitions, and bounties and reimbursements for useful tools, calculators, dashboards, and plugins built out by the community.

However, Snapshot currently only supports MetaMask Wallet voting. We would need to make a pull request with a Cyano Wallet integration for voting with OEP4 assets like WING.

After talking to some potential developers and cross-referencing with the average bounties set on blockchain freelancing platforms like Gitcoin, I propose we set a $1500 bounty from the treasury to fund a community developer to build a Cyano Wallet integration into

We can post the bounty on Gitcoin and other forums beyond the Wing Telegram and Discourse for increased exposure.

Because Cyano Wallet supports other OEP4 tokens as well, a Snapshot integration would open the door for other Ontology projects to deploy community governance solutions and elevate the entire Ontology ecosystem as a whole.


  • The developer would have to get in touch with the Snapshot team likely through the Discord and learn from them what the process is for adding support for a new browser wallet. I imagine they have some kind of review process for pull requests. This is more involved than simply creating a new space.
  • At the end of the integration, Wing should be able to create a space on and users should be able to use OEP-4 Wing tokens to vote on proposals.

Discussion Points

  • Do you support a Snapshot integration with Cyano Wallet?
  • Do you agree with the $1500 bounty?
  • If you want to take on this development, is there any other info you need to know?

When a developer has been found and a price point has been agreed upon, we can push this forward into a quick proposal on Wing’s native voting platform

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Sounds great!

I will get on it.

so greate
bring wing to the world

good idea
we need more entrance for Wing DAO