stETH, BETH Listing

ETH2.0 delaying and the staked ETH token which represent for ETH in Beacon chain discounting about 5%. Should will list these asset for supply and borrow to attract users who want to buy ETH2.0 at discount price and collateral for some loans?
stETH(Lido Stake) ETH Pool
BETH(Binance Beacoin chain ETH) BSC Pool
Collateral Factor suggested: 75%

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There is wstETH (wrapped stETH). If users supply stETH they will lose the ETH2.0 stake reward.
Lido let’s you “wrap” your stETH into wstETH to keeps your balance of stETH fixed. Instead of updating daily, wstETH uses an underlying share system to reflect your earned staking rewards.
Will we lose the ETH2.0 stake reward If we supply BETH? I guess BETH will get the ETH2.0 reward if staked on Binance only.

Comfirmed that BETH yield only happen if you hold BETH on Binance spot wallet

I think we can ask Risk control team to review stETH