Stop burning supply idea, we need decrease mining rate!

Hi everybody!
I’m in crypto market for 4 years, and defi for 4 months. So here is my opinion to improve the result.

  • At first, I want to explain how potential of this project.
    Binance deposited money to to dig some coin for reward it to BNB holder. Their daily reward is 4k333. And imagine that if mining rate become 1x ( 5222/day), Binance need to have 80% pool to take 4k333 reward. This isn’t good choice cause total value locked is 200 million USDT, so they need deposit at least more 700 million to have 80% reward for paying their investors.
    ==> This is not good choice, so how they do? they need to buy cheap token from weak hands in this month, and pay back to customer in next month.


  • decrease the mining rate from 2x become 1x ( so CZ need to buy from ours for sure)
  • increase the reward for wing holder from 10x -> 20x
  • cooporate with other big community by giving them a small pool to stake wing. That is really big promotion we can do. We don’t need to pay thousand of dollars to promote this project, we give them a pieces of cake and they will be future investors.

The price is down, but at least all customer of BNB know Wing, all customer have a pieces of wing. Do it many times, and it will be boom to top 100 CMC.


sounds good we will think about it