Suggest daily attendance check reward

I wondered how many people use Wing Finance per day.
And this is a suggestion of the way I thought to activate the number of Wing Finance users.

Daily attendance check reward plan

Once per day for those who have linked their wallets

A reward of 0.01~0.05 wing coin is suggested as a daily attendance check reward.
Attendance reward is paid to the wallet linked with the random reward of 0.01~0.05 wing coin.
As the price increases, the amount of coins paid may fluctuate.

Attendance check rewards can be allocated from a portion of the supply or from the raised funds.

Or, we suggest that you allocate a portion of the allocated supply from the daily supply and use the remaining wing coin as a fund for promotional purposes.

And I want to know visually how many users of Wing Finance each use.

Through this, I think that the remaining wing can be used for promotional purposes while attracting more users who are interested in wing finance.

The reason for presenting this opinion is in consideration of the fact that many users holding Wing Coins do not actually use the Wing Finance Pool.
It is to pay a small reward enough to have no problem in the Wing Coin market.

I would love to hear from others.

The budget should come from the community fund. We can consider it as an event.

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I also would like to see more utility in terms of holders. It’s very frustrating when investors don’t actually try the product, and I agree that some incentive to use the product and log in is a good idea. Another idea is this:

Bounce is another defi project for auctions. They have rewards but these rewards must be claimed every 7 days or else they are put back into the pool. I don’t htink we should do this for APY interest, but maybe for the extra rewards you are talking about, we could incentivize people to take some kind of action for a bonus that resets every 7 days.

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