Tap into the biannual Community Fund transfer mechanism

I was wondering if there can be a new mechinism or tool that could be put in place that could be used to funnel and reserve a portion of the 500K/per 6mths as it’s transferred into community fund.

  • Use-case #1: To burn % up to a set limit.

Source: Whitepaper

Section 3.4.1 WING Token Distribution, 2nd bullet point:

2, 000, 000 (20%) : Wing DAO Community Fund
20% of the supply will go to a public custodian account with only governance rights and cannot be transferred out. After the Wing DAO launch, 500, 000 (5% of the total supply) will be transferred to Wing DAO community fund pool every six months. The usage of the community fund pool is determined by WING token holders through a proposal system. In principle, Wing DAO community funds will be used for development, marketing, audits, risk control, or emergency handling as needed.

I will also like to include that if this evolves into an official proposal and gets passed, that it be allowed to be amended or cancelled by community vote as or if needed in the future.

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