Team should add WING to more exc

Please add wing to other markets. Like Indian people like interest so if they get Wing that will great for the project. WazirX is the popular exchange in India. If you add WRX in our flashpool. Lot of indian will come & use flashpool.

More popular Exchange :slight_smile:

Huobi Global
Coinbase. Com/pro

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Agreed, especially coinbase


Just to clarify, WINGโ€™s already on Okex. But I agree with you that we need to get listed on more exchanges.
One more question, how much do you think we should use from community fund to be listed on these exchanges?

What do you think wing community is big? No. Ont team is very good team. I donโ€™t think they have not enough money to list. Low type project already listed many exchange. But wing only 2.