Why does Wing Coin exclude liquidity coins from Wing Mining?

We are investing in cryptocurrency.

However, most of APY and WING APY are concentrated in stable coins.

I check every day. At some point, UNI and NEO’s WING APY is nearing zero. Ontology, UNI, and NEO coins no longer need in the Wing Mining Pool. We are very burdened with this sudden change of APY. I can’t understand these things.

I would really appreciate it if you could explain why.

And what is the reason to induce Wings to be mined with fiat currency stablecoins? This is very risky for the price of Wing Coins.

Also, in the case of SUSD, you can only purchase it with KuCoin.
This makes arrears difficult. It basically takes a long time.

It is a good idea to aim to provide a pool of more liquidity coins and widen the base.
There are a lot of coins with many and many users.

many people want is for users to stake a lot of coins.

Again, most cryptocurrency investors do not consider stablecoins as an investment destination. Please respect liquidity coins.

We don’t exclude them, the WINF APY is dynamically set by supply and demand.

The demand to borrow WING is not as high as the demand to borrow other assets like stablecoins on Wing.

Check the docs to learn the mechanism https://docs.wing.finance/.

1.26% is the current normal rate according to current supply and demand, if you want to skew the rates you can upvote these proposals

This is not suggesting a solution as a proposal, moving to General Chat.

I confirmed it. Thanks for the comments. We hope that the voting of your opinions will proceed quickly.