Why is the Pool Wing still at 0?

Why is the Pool Wing still at 0 ?
WING and the only token in the pool to be 0?
Never withdrawal possible?
Where are our tokens?
Gone for how long?
Hope to see our investment appear one day?

Please stop posting the same thing over and over with the same question. I’ve answered you 5 times now, in the same way. It seems like you struggle to read.

If I give a friend 10 dollars, then he has to pay me back.

WING Finance just makes sure that he can’t get his collateral back until he pays back his loan.

So when you ask questions like this, it is clear you do not know what “Loaning” means, so please do some basic research about what loaning and borrowing is.

Sorry English and difficult for me.
I just realized that my chips are not lost.
So I am reassured thank you
happy end of year celebrations