Wing community token allocation recent !375k Wing coin release!

I propose we should use some tokens lets say about 50-75k wings for boosting supply apy rates of wing coin alone so people will lock their wing tokens in supply(this will directly increase the price of wing tokens). And I also propose re-locking 200k of 375k wings to go back into marketing pool to be unlocked for another 6-12 months. For now we should only use (100K-175k) wings of 375k in circulation for now for important purposes(when price point goes $100-$200 we can get way more for the value. That is why releasing full 375k wings (37% of the total coins) to 1million in circulation wing does not make great sense economically at this stage. We need to be very smart about this!! Wing coin is the rising star at the moment. We do not want to scare people by devaluating our own asset !!

There’s no need to lock back again, since we still need to vote for using these WING tokens.

Don’t lock it back. 375K will be unlocked every 6 months. We should use these WINGs on the blade to make the whole project more known and make WING more valuable.