WING distribution in Flash Pools

Do ETH and ONT Flesh pools have the same WING distribution algorithm?
What are the distribution ratios, computing cycles and other details that are open to discussion?
Is there way to change them?
The daily distribution of WING on the ETH FlashPool retains 311.04 WING a day, although the value of the assets in the pool varies. Is this amount of distribution controlled by the developers and can it be changed at any time? So, distribution ratios between ONT, ETH and next BSC pools are not proportional to their assets and open for a discussion?

Now there is more incentive for the Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum), and 1/10 of the daily WING distribution is allocated to Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum).


  1. At this stage, Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum) has expensive gas fees and high participation costs, more incentives will encourage users to participate;
  2. We were unable to accurately estimate the amount of borrowing in Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum), giving preference weight would attract users;
  3. We are now discussing incentive activities with other ecological activities to increase the incentives on the ether version, and we will gradually lower the preference weight for the Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum) in the future.
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In general, we develop WING distribution models according to the content of the voting, and will make a little adjustments according to the actual situation to facilitate the development of Wing.

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When the borrowing amount reaches 1/10 of the total borrowing amount of the Ontology Flash Pool and the Ethereum Flash Pool, the WING incentives distribution will be implemented according to the rules shown in the voting, and will not change periodically.

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