Wing distribution rule for NFT Pool between each FlashPool

NFT Pool currently have fixed Wing incentive amount is 10% which don’t have any rule for expanding or be fair with other FlashPool.
So, I make a suggestion for Wing distribution rule in the NFT Pool:
NFT pool based on NFT collateral and borrow ETH so we should count by 2x Total NFT Collateral TVL as “Valid Borrow amount” or 5x Total Borrow amount. This multiple rate is a fairway to decide the actually weight for NFT Pool

  • “Valid Borrow amount” is which currently used for deciding Wing distribution amount of each Wing FlashPool.

Good idea, but in this case, the NFT in the NFT Pool may be withdrawn. Is this not conducive to TVL?

I don’t think NFT suppliers are supplying for APR because not much Defi have NFT collateral for borrowing now. We can make a promotion by increase Wing distribution multiple 1.5 time. This needed to be fair with another pool and increase TVL when NFT pool doing well

Increase Wing Distribution multiple 1.5 time in all or in NFT Pool?

Only NFT pool, the promotion will cap at 10% and end if NFT pool reach over 10% total wing distribution by calculate the base amount. For example:
Base Wing Distribution: 6% => Promotion by increase to 9%
Base : 8% => Promotion increase to 10%
Base: 11% => Promotion end => Set Wing distribution = 11%