Wing Finance Login Reward and Voting Incentive Reward

Wing Finance’s TVL has declined significantly from before. I present an opinion on countermeasures.

First. Wing Finance login reward proposal.
For example, connecting Wing Finance wallet every UTC 8:00AM.
0.0001~0.001 WING reward proposal

*Psychologically approached, “Humans never move without compensation.”

Second. voting incentive proposal
Currently, Wing Finance has a very low voting participation rate.
Rewards are paid according to the number of wings voted
1 wing * 0.0001 rewards
10WING -> 0.001WING
1000WING ->0.1WING
10000WING -> 1WING reward

*The compensation ratio can be adjusted. The purpose is to activate voting.

I think it is necessary for more TVL expansion.

I respect you. Please give more comments.

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Nice would be the good gilf

Nice rewards… i ll get em from my binance account? Only with holding em in my wallet?

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Airdrop to those who hold and participate on the DAO would be sweet to hear.? most people are not searching for airdrop :slight_smile: :grinning:

Iyiu bir proje umarım başarılı olur

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Nice :+1:t4: Good looks good

  1. You mean to let users sign in every day, right? Wake up old users and attract to participate in Wing, right?
  2. Voting campaign has been held before to promote voting. During the event, the effect is indeed better, but after the event, few people still participate in the vote. There needs to be a better long-term event to encourage users to participate in the vote.

Anyone has good ideas?