WING should be used for staking & earn other tokens

Such as: ONT, ONG…


i also agree with this

How about earning BTC from staking WING?

ONG/ONT is more realistic

If WING is valuable, then high demand for it. Then more attraction to the project. The project then can easier to succeed. This also add huge value to WING then.
Think about it

For this to work we would need to pull the funds from somewhere - WING community fund?

If the WING community fund uses its WING to buy ONT/ONG to distribute…might be better to just give out WING.

I disagree. I think it would be best to pay out in other tokens because it would increase the demand, as others have said. If you can essentially stake WING to earn part of the % commission won by the platform, then people will want to own WING for long term hold, as opposed to gifting them WING that’s “only value” is to sell.

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