Wing swap to all assets on onto

Wing should be swap with all the asset in the protocol.


Would be great to see a Swap pool in Wing, so we can swap pUSDT-ONTd / pSUSD-ONTd and so, I known Unifi exists but they never has liquidity enought and her slippage is huge.

If Wing can make swap pools in blockchain ONT would be the king, so we can add liquidity to pools and earn fees in wing

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You can swap any tokens at uniq-ex, it is a pure github based DAO dex.


That’s really what I need

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uTrade has good liquidity now for most pairs except pETH.

It looks like you can make up to a $2000 trade on most pairs before reaching 1% slippage.

Unix-ex is a great idea, but the order books are completely empty.

We have built alley swap for stable coin swap, it has much lower slippage than unifi.

There is no liquidity on uniq-ex, is there any progress in this follow-up?