WING token withdrawal from the Pool - Pool or Scam?

Is there a maximum time limit for collecting Wing Tokens?
Wing and the only token that still has a background availability of 0.
Very Worrisome this Pool !
It would be more honest to make a flash before the deposit by stipulating that to liquidate it and always at 0 it will no longer be possible to recover your tokens (it would be honest to warn investors)
My quantity of chips is very important, I will wait a bit and then we will see.
Pool or Big Scam ?

It’s been told you before. And it is in the warning box that pops up when you supply. It’s on the website. It’s in the walkthrough, and it’s in the pinned. It is up to you when you acknowledge and deposit your funds to read.


Is there a reimbursement deadline?
Normally a loan always has a repayment deadline.
Otherwise, I may never see my chips again.
Thank you for your answer.