WIP-02 Voting for new assets (Passed)

In order to bring in community attentions,users ,buy-in power and trading volume.
We’d like to hold a voting campaign for new assets listing included BAT、BUSD、OMG、LINK、YFII、LEND、KNC、OKB、YFI、SNX、UNI .
1)2000 locked WING token at least
2)Top 4 will be chosed depends on their total votes
3) Everyone only can vote for one asset
4) Asset will be added one by one
5) The initial weight will be 2x for five days

Yes, through this we will get more attention from community members :slightly_smiling_face:

2000 locked WING to vote? Is that how I’m interpreting point number 1?

no. 2000 wing locked to open that asset pool

like if many owners of certain token want to use it they need to use some wing to unlock it

I’m for Basic Attention Token

I think that we should start exploring to add MEME as a supported asset for lending/borrowing before any other major lending platforms do so.

It may be perceived as hype or FOMO, but I feel that MEME is the best asset currently representative of the up-and-coming NFT space.

There would also be a strong desire to borrow MEME, as users could borrow MEME to farm for new collectibles and NFT art, which goes beyond borrowing simply to speculate on it.

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Erick are you serious?

With all my respect, you twitter account has been a joke during these weeks. Of course you can do whatever you want on your account or outside of ONT, but you don’t seem like a professional to me.

Forget NFT tokens.

Yes I am serious.

In 2019, everyone was sleeping on DeFi. “Forget DeFi”, ''DEXes will never have as much liquidity as exchanges" “DeFi is all just gambling.”

Now, NFT’s are seen as a joke, but the underlying advancements in the technology and surrounding platforms will make it a big play in 2021, possibly even Q4 2020.

We stay ahead of the curve.

Like Andre Croje said, NFT for insurance, options, bonds, assets - > OK
For bathsuits -> NO OK.

For me, i don’t suggest to add MEME due to the high risks and volatility. In case of NFT collateral assets,we can evaluate something with intrinsic value from the real world