WIP-17 Increase the insured WING reimbursement rate of Flash Pool to 100% (Yes)

Since WIP-10 was passed and executed, WING has become the sole asset in the insurance pool. WING holders who have invested in the insurance pool have obtained higher returns. However, because Flash Pool is still an over-collateralized pool, the probability of secondary liquidation is very low when there is liquidation. In fact, since the Flash Pool went online, there has never been a secondary liquidation. With the execution of WIP-05 and possibility of introduction of Kink points in the future, the benefits of users who invest in the Supply pool are gradually decreasing, but they still need to bear certain risks. I think this is unreasonable. From an insurance point of view, full reimbursement is also a relatively common method. So I propose to increase the reimbursement ratio of Flash Pool’s insurance pool from 70% to 100%.


Yes, I think this makes more sense in the usecases of WING.

As a supply pool user, I feel satisfied, it can reduce the risk of supply pool.

Suggested rewrite for clarity:

As WING is now the sole asset in the insurance pool, WING supplied to the insurance pool receive significant rewards even though the chance of secondary liquidation (which triggers liquidation in the insurance pool) is relatively low in probability. In fact, thus far there has never been a secondary liquidation event.

Especially with the changes from WIP-05 and the possibility of introducing Kink points in the future, the risk-reward isn’t balanced enough in favor of those participating in the Supply pool.

At this time, those who supply assets are also responsible for 30% of a secondary liquidation event.

This proposal is to suggest that the insurance pool takes on 100% rather than 70% of secondary liquidations so that suppliers can feel confident in holding their assets long term on Wing’s platform without any risk of liquidation.


hah :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Safer supply than insurance. Interesting!

Yeah it looks more reasonable

I agree with with KenNinja, insurance pool should take 100% instead of 70%.

Although there has not been any case of secondary liquidation yet, this proposal seems reasonable.

Sounds good. From an insurance point of view, full reimbursement is also a relatively common method.

Hmm, interesting suggestion. On one hand, I am happy with the high returns in the Insurance Pool and there hasn’t been any second liquidation yet. On the other hand, a big part of my WING tokens in the Supply Pool have been reimbursed during the ONG liquidation yesterday.

I am still balancing the pros and cons of the proposal. It does look good for assets in the Supply Pool though.

The vote is live. Check here.

I know the voting closes in 24 minutes but I wanted to check the discussion on it and wow this is a much clearer way of explaining it, we should’ve gone with this description instead.

The voting result is Yes, check voting detail here