WIP-18 WING token holder can insure under the same address when supplying or borrowing (Yes)

Currently, a single asset under a single address can only participate in one of the Supply, Borrow and Insurance features at one time. Due to this rule, users would need to transfer WING tokens to another address and then deposit them into the Insurance Pool after supplying or borrowing WING. This operation is tedious and increases the cost of transaction fees, which is not user-friendly. Therefore I propose that WING tokens borrowed from the Borrow Pool or the remaining WING after supplying in the same address can be directly invested in the Insurance Pool to reduce the cost of handling fees and optimize the user experience.

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Reasonable. I agree with that.

Yes. Wing should allow the users to insure & borrow WING at the same time.
We have the right to decide how to manage our own WING.

I also agree with this. In fact, I’d assumed you could do this but apparently you can’t haha.

Great! It can actually reduce the cost of handling fees.

Good proposal. Agree

I think it makes sense. :smiley: Very friendly.

Really look forward to it, hurry up and go online.

Lower cost and more convenience sound great.

Sound great! :brown_heart:

Yeah, go for a community vote. Looking forward to a reduced handling fee and better user experience.

Great proposal, 100 percent agree.