WIP-19 Add YFI for lending, borrowing, and collateral (For)

It’s clear that Yearn is one of the most if not the most talked about Ethereum-based projects with a token right now.

At the same time, Yearn is also very controversial, and a lot of people short YFI on Cream.

YFI has been a candidate for listing since the start of Wing, however the last vote ended with more votes for UNI.

Listing YFI at this time is an opportune moment to join the Yearn ecosystem and welcome in and collaborate more closely with the Yearn community.

I propose to list pYFI on Wing for lending and borrowing.

Demand to Lend

  • Exposure to YFI
  • Earn APY + WING Rewards
  • Use YFI as collateral

Demand to Borrow

  • Shorting YFI
  • Adding pYFI liquidity to uTrade for trading fees.
  • Unwrapping pYFI to Ethereum YFI to deposit in yVaults, add liquidity to Uniswap, etc

I agree YFI should of been added from the beginning
Very strong DeFi and is one of if not the frontrunner pioneer to start off the DeFi space.

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I agree, good idea, let’s vote for this.

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I agree to list yfi on wing platform

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I also agree. YFI’s partnerships are undeniable right now.


We can create our own Yfi like token instead for which I have submitted a proposal that would be a much more powerful statement.

I agree and lets accelerate more assets on the platform once if pool goes live

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We will be stronger if yfi is added to wing…so wing is known to all.thats very good idea.vote for this +1

Good idea, I can’t wait to vote.

Aave has added YFI, I believe that adding YFI to wing can increase the TVL, we should speed up.

YFI almost finishes mining, so supply would be stable which will make it a good asset for listing.
Meanwhile YFI is still a new-born cryptocurrency. Price will fluctuate greatly.
I’d say we could set the collateral factor to 55% at first.

I agree,
Let’s vote for this.

Yes, we need to keep growing the WING ecosystem by adding new tokens. I want to vote in favour of this

Wonderful, more liquidity to Wing! let vote for it.

New Markets Category is created, I moved this topic to New markets.

The vote is live. Check here.

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The voting result is For, check voting detail here