WIP-22 Should we adjust the collateral factor of ONTd from 50% to 60%? (For)

As the most popular and widely used coin on the Ontology chain, ONTd currently has a total market capitalization of more than $382 million from CoinMarketCap.

Now the collateral factor of ONTd is 50%, which is the same as the collateral factor of WING. From the past performance, the performance of ONTd is stable. I think the collateral factor of ONTd should be increased to 60%.

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I think that ONTd could easily become very volatile, so I hesitate on this one.

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I think this adjustment is reasonable and the potential risk is small because Ontology has been established for 3 years, the recent market capitalization and price volatility of ONT are fine and 60% isn’t too high anyway.

我认为可以,调整至60% ,毕竟是ont,本家的币都不支持,那还支持什么,同时我建议对ont应该提高supply的apy。

I think 60% is fair. 60% could take twice of the volatility comparing to BTC’s 75%.

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The price of ONTd is unstable and fluctuates greatly. Historically, there has been a 24-hour fluctuation of more than 30%, and there is a risk of liquidation,. Therefore, it is recommended to be 55% and never exceed 60%.

I agree, let it go online as soon as possible.

This is good for the Ontology community. :+1:

Nice. It will enhance the stability of ONTd.

Either is OK. I slightly prefer 60%.

There’s the risk of liquidation, but I think the borrower should take care of it by themselves. Because any collateral factor has the such risk.

As you said 30% fluctuation plus 8% discount is only 38%, which still has some space before insurance reimbursement. That’s why I think 60% is fair for ONTd.

I think we should increase our ONT to 60%.

Very strong support for Wing to increase the use of ont.

ONT didn’t rise with BTC, but it’ll dump with BTC which can lead to liquidations and possibly put our insurance funds at risk. There’s no way this is a good idea.

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