WIP-35 Allocate 50K WING to a liquidity fund (For)

When conducting project cooperation, for the smooth and healthy operation of the project, it is necessary to provide some liquidity when necessary.

The current pWING-ETH trading pair on Sushi has a liquidity of only $150K , and the slippage is high. Few people will swap, which will cause some users who want to participate in the Wing project to lose;
Also on Unifi, the liquidity of ONTd and pToken assets is very low. Many users report that it is inconvenient to swap a small amount of pToken assets and the user experience is poor.

In order to improve the user experience and make up for the disadvantages of Wing’s ecology, it is very important to provide some liquidity appropriately.

The liquidity provided will be recovered after the healthy operation of the project. There may be gratuitous losses when it is recovered, and the gains may also cover the gratuitous losses and have a balance.

I propose to use 50K WING from the unlocked 375K community fund as the liquidity fund of the cooperative project. The liquidity fund will only be used to provide liquidity for the Wing cooperative project. If necessary, WING may be exchanged for other assets to provide liquidity.


You are right, community funds are used in where it is needed most.


It is very necessary to provide sufficient liquidity for the project


yes totally agree with that!! we need more reward to attract more ppl come in

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Yes we need to provide liquidity, especially for the third-party projects that utilize the WING price from the pWING-ETH Sushiswap pair, like oneWING.

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Disagree. Now the income of ONT has been getting lower and lower, which has seriously damaged the income of WING holders.

The development and promotion of liquidity pools will lead to the fact that the price of WING will go up

I believe it’s not about pONT-pWING LP, but other pWING/WING pairs like pWING-ETH on Sushiswap, WING-ONTd on UNIFI and future pair on BSC. These LPs have really low liqiudity and low liqiuidity prevents people to join WING to a large extent.

Sufficient liquidity will enhance Wing’s entire Ecology, which may increase the price of WING.

It is resonable to provide liquidity.

When I wanted to exchange WING for stablecoins on UNIFI, I found that the liquidity was insufficient and the slippage was ridiculously high, which is very inconvenient. It is hoped that such liquidity can be provided so that users can exchange without decentralized exchanges and cross-chain. After all, the cost is too high,it make me back down.

Agree, I hope this move can enhance Wing’s market value.