WIP-36 Invite Wing to launch an OKExChain version (For)

Hello everyone, I am from the OKExChain community. I have been following Wing news and updates. Recently, Wing launched the Flash Pool on Ethereum. I’d like to invite Wing to launch an OKExChain version after the OKExChain mainnet is live.

OKExChain is an open source high-performance decentralized transaction public chain developed by the OKEx team. OKExChain will focus on the implementation of various DeFi scenarios and related business applications, ensuring the security of decentralized transactions. OKExChain meets Wing’s demand for high-frequency transactions in the long term.

As a DeFi project, Wing has grown exponentially in transaction volume and active users after its launch, and has high requirements on the performance of the public chain where it is located. Recently Wing TVL reached $300 million, which definitely shows huge potential in the DeFi space. OKExChain fully meets the development needs of Wing and could help Wing to acquire larger capital volume.

Wing’s participation can enrich the OKExChain ecosystem, and accelerate Wing DAO’s prosperity and asset diversity. We strongly recommend Wing to launch an OKExChain version soon.


Good choice for Wing Finance! Will we have high APY for OKT lending if OKExChain goes live? Looking forward to it!!!

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If we launch the Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain), I suggest the different Rules of Flash Pool on OKExChain as follows:


Asset Collateral Factors: WING (50%), ONTK (60%), OKT (65%), USDK (70%), USDT (70%), USDC (70%), BTCK (65%), ETHK (65%)

Liquidation Bonus:WING (8%), ONTK (8%), OKT (8%), USDK (5%), USDT(5%), USDC(5%), BTCK(8%), ETHK(8%)

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Interesting. We already voted for BSC version. I’m not sure which one would be the first.
If we could get enough support (media, liquidity, swap) from OKEx, we could considering to have an OKEx version first.
OKEx is a fresh new chain. The advantage is there won’t be a lot competitors, while the disadvantage may be the safety of assets and network.

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Good idea, hurry up and get online, I can’t wait!

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That‘s what I was thinking, so I lowered the Asset Collateral Factor of each asset.

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Strongly agree and look forward to voting

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Can’t wait to vote, and I agree with Cedric about okex bringing in liquidity ,swaps and media but nontheless , it will grow are tvl :fire:

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Supporting this, but like Yuki pointed out, risk must be calculated in on collaterals.

How will the WING distribute between the four pools?

Can the WING on OKExChain directly participate in governanc?

I think it will be the same as the Wing Flash Pool (BSC).

I think no.

As said in the WIP-33 Launch an BSC version of Wing (FOR)

Only WING(OEP-4) will be eligible for initiating proposals or votings. WING (BEP-20) needs to be swapped back to WING (OEP-4).

So is the WING on OKExChain.