WIP-37 Add DOT, OKB, LINK, SUSHI, UNI and DAI to the Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain) to participate in supplying and borrowing (For))

On the day Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain) launched, TVL was close to $9 million.

In the DeFi lending project on OKExChain, FLUX supports 12 types of assets and Wepiggy supports 9 types of assets, whereas Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain) only supports 6 types, which restricts the development of Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain).

In order to attract more users to participate, we recommend adding 6 more assets: DOT, OKB, LINK, SUSHI, UNI, and DAI. These 6 assets have a high market value and a wide range of values, which have been added in most DeFi projects. It is believed that adding these 6 assets to Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain) is very beneficial to enriching Wing’s ecosystem.

Feel free to have you say!

Strongly agree, we need more unique assets to attract ppl. All these assets were issued by OKExChain official which are quite safe.

Can’t agree more, more assets will attract more users.

We definitely need more assets to get into the pools in order to fulfill our needs. Plus, we will have more options to deposit as well as getting more Wing incentives too.

Here are the suggestions on Collateral Factor and Liquidation Bonus:

Collateral Factor:
DOTK (65%), OKB (70%), LINKK (55%), SUSHIK (50%), UNIK (60%), and DAIK (75%);

Liquidation Bonus:
DOTK (8%), OKB (8%), LINKK (8%), SUSHIK (8%), UNIK (8%), and DAIK (5%).

Sounds great. Looking forward to the newly-added assets.

The Market Cap of ChainLink is more than $16.3 Billion.
And in AAVE, the Collateral of LINK is 70%
OKExChain is a new chain, The Clollateral factor of BTCK in Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain) is 65%, so should be the LINKK.

The current assets collateral factors should match these new assets. These assets collateral factors are obviously higher than the first patch

Hurry up, I can’t wait to put my assets in OKExChain Wing.

Should launch as soon as possible, TVL surpasses other DeFi projects.

Great, users have more choices to participate in Wing.

The vote is live. Check here