WIP-38 Increase the collateral factor of assets other than WING in Wing Flash Pool (OKEXChain)(For)

For security, the collateral factors of assets in Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain) were set relatively low, especially stablecoins, which is not conducive to the growth of WING TVL.

OKExChain has been launched for a week and has been operating stably without any breaks. Therefore, I suggest to increase the collateral factors of assets other than WING to promote the growth of Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain). I believe this will help increase Wing’s TVL.

It is recommended to adjust the collateral factor as follows:
WING (50%), OKT (70%), USDT (80%), USDC (80%), BTCK (70%), ETHK (70%).

Feel free to have your say!

That would be great! We need more efficiency in the utilization of funds. We need more!

I can’t find any negative outcomes from this suggestion.

Let’s do this!

I’m a new here, why don’t we increase the collateral factor of WING in Wing Flash Pool (OKExChain)?

The price of WING fluctuates greatly and the risk is high, so it is not recommended to set the collateral factor too high

I think it works. To some extent, it will benefit the whole ecosystem. Hope it will help increase Wing’s TVL.

Good idea. It will increase the diversity of the pool for sure.

Awesome! it should be improved.
High collateral will attract more users to play.

We don’t want what happened on Venus occurs to Wing again. So when the WING liquidity is low, we should keep the collateral factor low. 50% is already higher than Ontology version. We should keep it until WING is much stronger.

Go ahead, I am looking forward.

As this sharp drop in cryptocurrency, many people have exploded their positions.

I think it is okay to increase the collateral factor, but the risk cannot be ignored. Yuki’s proposal is appropriate.

Hope to adjust as soon as possible.

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