WIP-53 xICHI Collateral Factor Increase and Expansion (For)

Hey All - @dhtal from the ICHI community here! With such incredible collaborations with the wing.finance team, I thought I would share a bit about our progress and why confidence in the ICHI token has spiked over the recent weeks which has enabled the xICHI Collateral Factor to increase.

Over the last few weeks the ICHI core team has built the next generation of DeFi protocols called an Angel Vault. The idea behind the angel vault came in mid 2021 when we understood the power of concentrated liquidity introduced by the release of Uniswap v3. Since then we have been building and in November, Angel Vaults were born!

Angel Liquidity Vaults are a Uniswap v3 liquidity management protocol created for
(1) Projects to:
a. protect their token price
b. build a treasury of protocol-owned liquidity (POL) and
(2) DeFi users to:
a. earn better fees without having to manage their pool positions
b. earn yield for providing buy-side liquidity for a scarce crypto asset

To date, we have seen incredible results with our Angel Vaults as they have protected ICHI and FUSE in the bearish market in the recent weeks (both tokens more than doubling in price since release). We have also deployed an Angel Vault for the Wing community to protect the pWING price! APR there is currently over 118% not including trading fees earned! I highly recommend the wing community to head over and deposit oneWING to protect the pWING price and start to earn so that the Angel Vault will have enough liquidity to have a similar effect on the pWING price as it has had on both FUSE and ICHI! I would be happy to answer more questions and continue the conversation!

Angel Vaults: https://app.ichi.org/vault
Angel Vault info: https://angel.ichi.org/

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What is the effect of Angel Vault on xICHI?

All Angel vaults accrue univ3 trading fees. 10% of those fees get paid out to xICHI from all angel vaults. This increases the ratio of xICHI to ICHI in the xICHI pool

So Angel Vaults supports the price of xICHI to some extent, right?

Has the Market Cap of ICHI increased?

As the Collateral factor of ICHI increase, Wing will attract more xICHI holders to supply and borrow in the pools, sounds good! I agree to increase the Collateral Factor, but we need to be cautious.

It performed well since it was launched, the total supply of xICHI on Ethereum is up to $886 Billion recently. According to the good performance, I agree.

Hey Everyone! Dan from ICHI here!
Here is a linktree to our resources to learn more about everything we do:

Hey BlueBird, Dan from ICHI. ICHI has been helping projects’ avoid negative volatility by creating a buyer’s wall made up of Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL). We initiated this “Angel Vault” for their $ICHI token in December 2021, and it has helped protect the $ICHI token price during a few large market-wide dips.

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The more the price of ICHI is supported, the more the price of xICHI is supported

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After re-evaluation, Wing risk control team believes that the Collateral Factor of xICHI can be increased to 40% based on the Angel Vaults mechanism.

Not $886 billion, it should be $886K.

ICHI possesses good potential for future growth, I support such decision.

Good news, ICHI just raised $3.5 million funds for continued expansion, it may become a dark horse! Hey guys, let us increase the collateral factor of xICHI.

Good potential. Support

The vote has passed, click here: https://wing.finance/votedetails/53