WIP-55 Add FLM to Wing Flash Pool (Ontology) (For)

Flamingo is a DeFi project on the Neo3 chain. It is a platform that helps users convert tokens, be a liquidity provider and earn yield. By providing liquidity, also known as staking, users earn yield by collecting fees and getting minted FLM as a reward.

Flamingo Finance makes it easy to buy/sell crypto, invest and earn revenue directly on the blockchain.

Currently Flamingo’s market cap is 69 million, with a steady growth rate. With 7 million Volume in 24 hours and 63,076 Holders (Neo N2 + Neo N3), FLM is still in great demand.

Flamingo has a great user base. And FLM has not been added to other lending projects. If FLM is added to Wing Flash Pool (Ontology), it will bring new users and TVL to Wing, and then expand the ecology of Wing.

Feel free to have your say!

Will Flamingo introduce WING to its ecology?

Yes! Flamingo will create a WING-FLM liquidity mining pool! Users can participate in both Wing Flash Pool (Ontology) and Flamingo FLM-WING liquidity mining pool to get multiple returns.

I agree with this partnership. Go head asap

Sound good for us, bring more attractive for both project

I support this proposal and I’d like to highlight:
FLM holders can supply and collateral FLM in Wing Flash Pool (Ontology) and borrow WING, then cross chain WING to N3 chain, and participate in WING-FLM liquidity mining to earn FLM.
Users would be earning compounding rewards: Wing lending interest and the FLM yield farming boost. Isn’t it a good idea?

I guess it is a good decision, we welcome new friends to join Wing!

yea, that’s a good idea. By borrowing more WING, users will also help increase the amount of locked WING.

All for. A lot of benefit, why not?

Great!! FLM holders can supply FLM and borrow WING on Wing Finance, and deposite WING to the WING-FLM liquidity pool on Flamingo to get more rewards!

After evaluation by the risk control department, the recommended parameters are as follows:

Collateral Factors: 45%
Liquidation Bonus: 10%
Reserve Factor: 25%
WING incentive weight: 2x

I support this idea, which is good for both Wing Finance and Flamingo.

Awesome, this is a huge step forward! Looking forward to the partnership.

The vote has passed, click here.