WIP-56: UST (Ethereum FlashPool) Collateral Factor Increase (For)

UST lending remains relatively low, despite excellent APR. Part of the reason is probably down to the low collateral factor, compare to other stablecoins.

I propose that this should be re-assessed and brought into line with other stablecoins. UST have established themselves as a legitimate stablecoin provider (in the top 20 cryptocurrencies), so I see no extra risk when compared to others.

As UST’s recent performance is good, we should apply for the risk control department to re-evaluate the collateral factor of UST. :grinning:

It will attract more UST holders to participate in Wing!

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Even during what must be the most difficult time for UST, the peg has held firm. Hopefully risk control are able to re-evaluate for a positive result.

Yeah, it should be re-evaluated ASAP.

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Any word on this? I want to add more stablecoin but at the moment I will not use UST. I assume others are in the same position.

What stablecoin are you thinking?

Not adding a new stablecoin, rather increasing the collateral factor of UST, as it doesn’t really make sense compared to other stable coins.

@Yuki any word on when the risk people could look at it?

Yes, these days they are busy with the risk calculation of the Ontology EVM pool. I have urged them, and the results are expected next week.

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After re-evaluation, the risk control department thought that the Collateral factor could be increased to 65%, which is within the safe range.

Surprised it’s still so low tbh. But at least it’s in the right direction. Thanks for following up on that.

Risk control needs to be very cautious. Considering that in the previous 519 incident, the price of UST dropped by more than 10%, they thought that 10% increase on Collateral Factor was already relatively high, and if the increase is too high, it will be very difficult to reduce it later.

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I have a problem.
1 I suplied 11k ust
2 I take back 5k ust from 11k ust
3 After that My deposit in suply change from 6075 to 5951ust for 2 days and now 5938 ust

Is the Step 2 for borrow or withdraw?
I’m Yuki, the Admin of Wing DAO, you can ask me for help in the TG group. Telegram: Contact @WingDAO

First i supply 11k ust and then i withdraw 5k so i have in supply about 6075 ust in wing finance after that for 2 day my sypply down to 5938 ust . Now it grow up to 5950.

5938UST-> 5950 UST is correct, your supply balance was increasing since Supply APR.
It is strange that your supply balance from 6075 ust to 5938 UST, have you withdrawn again?
I’m Yuki, the Admin of Wing DAO, please ask me for help in Wing DAO TG group. It is hard to find the reason from what your supplied messages.

I agree with that. UST has a high supply APR of 38% but the amount of total supply is a little bit low. Increasing the Collateral Factor can encourage people to supply and collateral UST so borrow other assets.

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I think we should re-evaluate the collateral factor of UST, if there is a chance to increase it, more UST holders will be happy to supply their UST in Ethereum Flash Pool and borrow other assets. There will be more Wing users. That’s good!

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Support it! UST’s market cap is now ranked 14, its Collateral Factor is only 55% in Wing, whereas DAI is 75%, which is unreasonable.

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It is suggested to re-evaluate the collateral factor. Go ahead!-

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I can understand that on May 19, the price of UST dragged the anchor, and the Wing Risk Control department was worried about the risk of UST, but now that the ecology of UST is so prosperous, we should make appropriate changes!

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