WIP-59 What should we do with UST? (For)

Recently, The price of UST has seriously de-anchored to around $0.1.More and more exchanges have delisted UST. It has gradually become worthless and may also damage other assets in the pool. Considering the security of assets in Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum), we should take steps.

Here are two Options:
Option1: Delist UST
As more and more platforms and exchanges delist UST, the price feed of UST will be inaccurate, which will affect users’ trading and even cause losses.

Option2: Adjust the Collateral Factor of UST
UST is still the focus of many people, and the price of UST may rise at any time, there may still be demand for UST supplying and borrowing. By lowering the Collateral Factor, while ensuring the security of other assets in the pool, it can also provide UST lending to those in need.

What’s your opinion? Feel free to have your say!

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UST should be delisted because it useless now, only worth in promise of someone.

Totally agree! It puts Flash Pool (Ethrereum) in danger.

Delist, fully agree.

As most projects have delisted it, we should do as well.

To protect the pools and other users, I support delisting UST. It does not qualify as collateral now.

Totally agree that we should delist UST, it is not worth any more.

We should delist it asap.

Decrease the collateral factor maybe fine as well? I don’t know, are we ditching him so soon?

Risk control is important, and delisting UST makes our platform safer.

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