WIP-60 Launch NFT Lending Pool (For)

Hi guys, according to DappRadar, the number of wallets trading in NFTs expanded considerably in 2021, from roughly 0.5M in 2020 to around 28.6M in 2021. The NFT market grows in popularity and possesses more holders in web3. We are considering whether to introduce NFT to the Wing platform. There is a viable option: Based on Wing’s existing operation mode, we could establish an NFT pool with Peer-to-Pool mode, one of the mainstream modes of NFT lending projects.

In the NFT Pool, users can borrow ETH through collateralizing their NFTs. At the beginning, we may only support the head NFTs for collateralizing, such as BAYC, Crypto Punks, Azuki, etc. Both suppliers and borrowers can earn WING incentives. Beyond that, there is an insurance pool for the NFT pool as well. The users’ assets would be protected, which is one of the specialties of Wing Platform.

By launching the NFT pool, we could utilize the traffic of the NFT pool to promote our other Flash pools, which could be a synergistic effect for Wing. Also, to develop and expand our community, we should provide more and diverse services to members and other potential users.

What do you think? Should we choose Peer-to-Pool mode? Should we select more assets for the NFT lending pool for supplying and borrowing? What need we note when creating the NFT lending pool? Welcome to discuss!

I agree. NFT is fashionable now, lots of people hold it. We should launch NFT Lending Pool and provide such services to them.

Great!I will definitely participate in the NFT Pool if Wing has!

Good idea, Launching NFT Pool will make Wing Platform more interesting.

Cool, more liquidity for NFTs.

Not bad. It seems similar to Flash Pools.

How will you attract more head NFTs to Wing NFT Pool?

It is a chance for Wing to expand popularity and increase its followers.

First, we will distribute 10% of the total WING incentives to Wing NFT Pool, Super high APR will attract participants to play.

Second, we will try to invite KOLs to promote Wing NFT Pool.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. We need to persevere and keep updating, so it will become better.

Looks Good. Just need to let more people know that Wing has a NFT Pool. Opening the market is extremely a great improvement!

Looking forward brand new market :grin:

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