WIP-61: Allocate 20K WING to the Development Service Fund (For)

For better development and maintenance of Wing, there are some necessary expenses such as
audit, purchase of various services, server fees, bug incentive, etc.

First of all, audit is indispensable to ensure security of the project and build trust with the market.

Furthermore, as Wing expands, it has more pools and functions, which requires more servers and node services. So the maintenance fee is increasing.

Besides, the domain and oracles for Wing also need a continuous cost. For Oracles, especially self-developed oracles deployed in Wing, we need to constantly optimize them to make asset prices more accurate.

So, it is suggested to allocate 20k WING to the Development Service Fund for the constant development service fees, what do you think?

I agree, listed services are essential, and for further optimization we need this Development Service Fund as well.

Support it! That should be useful.!

That good but i want to know Oracle service cost each month.

Looking forward to more good services and features!

Yeah, with the expansion of Wing, the fixed fee needed to pay will increase. So I vote for.

Right, the NFT Pool is coming soon, we need more development service funds.

High quality oracles make the asset price more accurate, it is necessary if we need to upgrade or optimize to control risks and protect users and pools , so allocating some funds will be fine.

As long as all expenditures are in a reasonable range, it is Ok.

As long as all expenditures are in a reasonable range, it is Ok.

Good decision, the development service funds should be focused on development and maintenance.

About $1,000 per month.

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The vote has passed, click here