WING/other supply withdrawal scheduler

If you want to withdraw WING/other from supply pool, you have to wait for there to be enough liquidity. Makes 100% sense to me. Currently, when you go to withdraw and there’s not enough liquidity, you get an error that basically says so and that’s that.

I think it would be a better experience to have a scheduler option that could complete the withdrawal when available. It could be similar to the buy/sell Limit order function on Binance.

Is this something that is possible? Pros Vs. Cons? Should this function enhancement be moved to proposal?


I like the idea of a “withdraw when possible” option, for sure. I was a little confused about your comment about it not making sense that you have to wait for liquidity; I think it makes perfect sense that if borrow and supply match, you can’t withdraw, but maybe you meant that it doesn’t make sense to literally stare at the computer waiting.

Anyway, the idea I’m a fan of. It could even have a countdown in terms of the withdrawer’s position in line.


“Makes 100% sense to me”… I meant that it DOES make sense :slight_smile:

Yeah! Good idea.i agree

I would also like to be able to vote when all my wings are locked into Supply Borrow pool.

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Will that be an acceptable discount button with that option?

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It’s a feature which could change the order of withdraw, so I move this topic to proposal part.