WIP-27 Allocate 10K WING to a Partnership Fund (For)

It took a week to propose, discuss, and vote on a 1500 WING grant for Ichi to develop oneWING.

We have more partnerships in the pipeline which may require grants for integrations. These integrations with third-party platforms and services can bring more value to Wing and ingrain us deeper into the rest of the DeFi ecosystem. However, repeating the voting process for every individual partnership expends valuable time which could be put towards faster development.

I propose to allocate 10K WING (roughly $150k at time of proposal) from the currently unallocated 35k WING towards grants in a partnership development fund that may be used at the Wing team’s discretion.

Similar to the Marketing Fund, the Partnership Fund will allow us to move quickly and confirm and announce new partners and for these partners to start integration developments right away.

Some projects in this space also have confidential pricing models which makes us unable to request funds as individual proposals. The establishment of a general-purpose Partnership Fund would enable us to still pursue these partnerships.

10K WING should be enough to cover partnership integrations for the rest of the year. If we run out and need more, we can request more. Likewise, if it ends up being more than we need, we can return them to be voted on to be used for something else.


Great idea! We also need to explain better what wing coin is on twitter and other social media platforms. We need to tell them that wing coin has transparent voting system and explain about supply and borrow options works. I would like to see twitter account publishing this facts everyday and build some trust. This is fundamental steps for success… Possibly we need to create fun stuff like lottery options . Fun stuff to do like pancake swap. Right now is time to be active since de-fi coins are booming in exponentially. Alpha coin reached 120x of the initial binance sale by explaining everything. This will reflect the value of the coin… If we can do this steps , in time we will reach $100 and beyond so we can do more advertising and more fun things. Lets turn this into carnival and create excitement around this coin!!!

***By the way we need to create a clause that 10K wing coins is not to be sold at once. It should be done without interrupting the ecosystem. At least 3-5 stages.

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:fire: We should get this
up for voting , this will rapidly grow are usecasse


:+1: We need to be agile and make things moving. :+1: Let’s do this.


Totally in support of this!


Wow this proposal to vote on is awesome. Its a no Brainer lets get it done.


great idea I like it

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Great idea! We need to give WING more utilities.

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This will definitely advance the development of Wing!

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Efficiency matters a lot. I agree to set up a partnership fund to speed up integrations and 10K seems reasonable.

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Thank you all for the support on this proposal. Looking forward to announcing some more great partnerships.